Sunday, April 27, 2014

Nike Women's Half Recap

Today was the Nike Women's half marathon.
Honestly I was not feeling up to it at all.
But I spent the money and wanted that necklace.

I woke up at 4 with a headache...grreeeeaaat.
Not the way I wanted to start the day.

I made my usual pre-race breakfast
Waffles (that I burnt) with dark chocolate dreams and a large coffee.
I don't usually drink a lot of coffee on race day but I needed to kick this headache.
 I offered to drive a few of my fellow MRTT friends to the race.
Thanks to Tara's awesomeness I was able to get a super close parking spot.
I didn't have to deal with gear check and we were able to use the bathroom in the Willard Hotel.

It was chilly and windy this morning but still great racing weather.
Tara and I made our way up to the sub-8 min/mile corral and hung out.

Shalene was there too.
I still can't believe that I had the chance to run and chat with her.
It was amazing.
She's such an inspiration.

Back to the race.
I wasn't exactly prepared for this one.
I didn't run at all last week.
Being a single parent, working and training is hard.
But I knew I that I could finish 13.1 miles on minimal training.

I lined up with 17,000 of my closest friends and at 7 we were off.
They changed the course this year.
Instead of running by the Capitol at the end, we started off running around the Capitol.

The first half of the race was good. I seemed to settle into a nice pace around mile 3.
Around mile 8 my right IT band started to get tight.
Stop. Stretch. Run.
That seemed to help it a lot.
I'm not at all surprised that it tightened up.
I've been neglecting my yoga practice.

I finished.
No new shiny PR but I did finish.

Of course I ran through all of the things I should of done differently:
Trained more
Lost the 5lbs that I gained
More yoga
The list goes on.

But in the end I had a good time. 

The bling.

A bit of a forced smile.
I pretty much booked it home since my parents were kind enough to watch the kids.

All in all a great race.

Nike worked hard at making improvements from last year's race.
I still think the "Expotique" could use a little work but it is what it is.
I love that there is Nuun on the course.
Every race should have this.
They actually had volunteers checking pace bracelets so that helped a lot.
You had to purchase a finisher's tee, last year they were free.
However, you did receive a free "We Run DC" tech tee.
They handed out water bottles to everyone at the end and little bags with goodies in it.
There were TONS of volunteers which was very nice to see.
The bands and spectators were all awesome.

I really think Nike listened to everyone's suggestions and really put in the effort to make today a memorable race.

Did you race this weekend?
How did it go?


  1. What I didn't like about the pace bracelets is that no one really checked to see if that was your pace. Last year about 30 females put they were running 6:-6:30 pace...yet only 2 people in the entire race did. I'm glad they made it better though.

    I think I might do it again next year. It was still much better then the NJ half.

    Anyways I'm glad you had a great time despite not feeling well in the morning.

  2. You did awesome! It was a beautiful weekend for a race. Congrats on another one down!

  3. I want to do this look like you had so much fun!!

  4. It sounds like you did well considering the circumstances. Is that an Aladdin plate peeking out from under your waffles? ;-)

  5. Awesome job! I am kinda jealous that you met Shalane!!!!!!!!! That is one pretty awesome necklace too :)!

  6. I loved the pics on IG & you are amazing!! That race bling - holy cow! That might be worth it right there! I could never afford Tiffany! ;)

  7. Glad they made some changes this year - I liked it last year and loved the finisher shirt but it is kind of nice to get a shirt ahead of time instead. As long as there is one shirt I don't care if we get it first or after! :) I remember people checking bracelets last year but there were a lot of people slipping by them.

  8. Congrats!!! I love the bling! It is fun getting something different than the same ole medal that you only wear around your neck once! I need to do this race!

  9. I love this year's necklace. I ran it last year and I had a blast. My necklace is one of my most treasured pieces of jewelry.

  10. Congratulations on an awesome time! I want to run a Nike half marathon soooo badly. Mostly for the bling, ha! But it also seems like it's an amazing experience.

  11. I really want to do this one one day - sounds like a great race! And the bling is gorgeous!

  12. Sounds like a great race, I just wish getting in and out of the city would be easier, but there is nothing that can be done.

  13. Glad to see Nike listened to some of the gripes people had about last years race ( I didn't run it but I remember reading everyone's issues with it! Might not have been a PR but you ran strong and smart and finished the race, which is always most important! I really need to get back into doing more yoga and stuff, you always inspire me with that and strength training (and everything else!)