Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Life Happens...

My lack of blogging.
It's a bunch of things thrown together.

Restarting life.

It a lot of stuff. 
Most days I feel like I am juggling plates and waiting for them to fall.

It's easy to hide behind a laptop screen and pretend that everything is perfect.
I know this because I did it.

It's also easy to hide behind a laptop screen and shut out the world.
I know this because I did it.

Work has helped to bring me back to my old self.

It's quite refreshing.

That is my explanation as to why my blog has been put on the back burner.

I still love y'all and plan to keep up with my weekly training and race recaps.

Once I find out if I am running a Fall marathon, I'll be back to posting about my training.

For now, I am going to enjoy life a little :)


  1. Keep your chin up girl. You will be missed, but proud of you!!

  2. You'll be missed but you must always do what is best for you. We will be heresupporting you whenever you are back!

  3. HUGS!! This does make me happy though that you are focusing on you - the most important thing - you & the kiddos - life! It does go by fast so no apologies - live it! :) Just post a pic of Goliath on IG with you too every once in a while! ;)