Monday, April 7, 2014

Cherry Blossom 10-miler

Instead of recapping my weekly workouts I decided to do a race recap.

If you follow my blog then you know all about my hip issue.

I've been spending more time on the bike than the treadmill.
It sucks but I am trying to be smart.

I got up at 4am and did my usual pre-race stuff.
I left around 5:15 and drove to work.
I decided to park in the garage at work and take the metro from there.
I didn't want to have to spend too much time on the metro.

It was cold and breezy.
I headed to the bathroom and then to drop my bag off at gear check.
I did not want to take off my pants or sweatshirt.
I did and headed to the Smithsonian Castle to meet some friends.
I never get sick of the city.

 I found Christine.
We also took a few pics with our MRTT Chapter 
Running buddies!
We decided to run over to the bathrooms so we could warm up.
The line was forever long and even though it was an actual bathroom, it was disgusting.

 While we waited for the race to start, Christine and I talked strategy.
She was shooting for a sub 1:20 and I just wanted to finish.
I would hang with her for as long as I could.

Once we started I was able to hang with Christine for about 1/2 a mile.
I couldn't keep pace with her. 
My training has been somewhat nonexistent so I put my headphones in and ran at a comfortable pace.

It took three miles for me to warm up. 
My fingers were tingling because I was so cold.
My hip felt good, a little cranky but I think it was due to me being so cold.

After the water stop around mile 4, I hear "are you on Instagram?"
It's always fun when you meet an Internet friend in real life.

We talked and ran together. 
The talking helped keep my mind off of my hip and made the miles fly by.
He was cool and we ran my pace, stopping twice to get band-aids for my ankle.
His positive energy really helped to keep me going.
We crossed the finish line together.
IG friends turned real-life friends. 

The medal for this race isn't included.
Yes. You have to pay extra for it.
I pay extra for it because I like having a medal that I earned.
Especially if I set a new PR.

My timing chip didn't work because my results still aren't posted.
I'm pretty sure it's defective. 
But going off of Kris's time it looks as though I set a new PR.

I'm happy.
I needed this PR. I've been feeling so down on my running lately.
I am thinking less running and more biking has really helped to calm my SI joint.
I am going to try and take it easy until Nike.
I would love to set a new half marathon PR and I know I can do it at Nike.

Did you race this weekend?
How did it go?


  1. you are a rock star! way to PR it friend

  2. Awesome! So glad you are feeling better and even nailed a new pr!!

    so so so happy to see this.

  4. That's WONDERFUL Natalie! Congratulations on the PR, sometimes listening to your body pays off! So happy for you.

  5. You did an awesome job and glad you had a running buddy, it always helps..Congratulations on your new PR

  6. Congrats on your PR!! I hope you will be 100% injury free at the Nike half.

  7. Congrats to you! I love, love, love that race. Glad it was a good one for you, too.

  8. Congrats on a great race!!!

  9. I was so excited to see how good this felt. Nice work my friend, nice work.

  10. Congrats on your PR! So happy for you and hope your hip continues to feel OK.

  11. Congrats on the PR, especially with all you have had going on lately! I've never heard of a race making you pay more for a medal, I would get it too though- like you said, you earn it!

  12. PR or not - you are a winner to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  13. Congrats girlie you did awesome and pushed through!