Monday, December 2, 2013

HBBC week 2

I know I've been slacking on my blogging. 

So here we are recapping week 2 of the HBBC.

Sunday (11/24) - 60 mins on the elliptical
I couldn't muster up the energy to layer on the clothes to go for a run so I hit the elliptical for a little cross-training instead.
I don't love the elliptical but it was a nice change of pace.

Monday (11/25) - Chest/back/core workout & 3.5 mile run
I had to modify my workouts a bit as you can see.
Free weights and a stability ball = great workout.

I took advantage of my Dad being home.
He watched little man and I went for a run.
I'm not loving the cold weather but what can you do.

Tuesday (11/26) - Arms/shoulders/core workout & yoga

Another modified workout.
I really like using the stability ball because if forces you to sit up straight which forces you to engage your core.

Wednesday (11/27) - Leg workout & 60 mins on the elliptical
A variety of leg exercises and later that day I hit the elliptical.

Thursday (11/28) - 7 mile run
7 cold miles with two awesome ladies.
I think all runs should end at Starbucks.
It makes the coffee taste that much better.
I think this was the perfect way to start Thanksgiving.

Friday (11/29) - 3 mile run
3 easy miles to just get my body moving

This was how I spent my Friday night.
I know you're jealous....

Saturday (11/30) - Weights and 2 mile run
I met a friend at the gym.
We hit the machines and then did some free weights.
After that I hit the treaddie for 2 miles.

Total points - 64.5

Another great week. Almost everyday was a 2-a-day which I like. 

How was your week in workouts?
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  1. Your pictures are so cute! You look so happy! I love the "just run" quote! Glad you are able to get out there and make the most of it :)

  2. LAST WEEK? all what I could when I could :-)
    this week? no travel? IVE GOT THIS!

  3. I love when family is available to watch the kids and I can sneak out for a mid-day run! Great job with all the two a days!!

  4. Loving that you always balance strength with running girl !

  5. Your strength workouts will forever amaze me. You are just awesome. That is all.

  6. Starbucks really is the perfect cap to a good run!! Glad I get to run with awesome ladies too!

  7. I've been earning my points, but have been slacking on my weights. I must add it this week! Thanks for the encouragement.

  8. Great week, Natalie! I'm not loving the cold either... it's gonna be tough to get myself back out there when I'm running again!

  9. Great job rocking your workouts! After being hyper-focused on yoga the past couple of months, I'm looking forward to rounding out my workouts a bit more.

  10. starbucks should give free coffee if you run in that cold. haha. Great week friend!

  11. I love your IG posts & seeing your smile - and Goliath too when he shows up!!! :) You really rock it & love that like me, you do cardio & weights! :)

  12. You are kicking butt in HBBC!!! I love your collages too, as always!