Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ft. Lauderdale Fun

I decided to write two posts about my trip to Ft. Lauderdale.

This one will be about all the non-running fun I had.

This might be all over the place. 

The view of the marina from my room.
Since it was getting dark and I was starving when I checked in, I decided to eat at the hotel restaurant.

 After I ate I went to bed. I was exhausted.

Sand sculptures in the lobby.
Pretty cool, huh!?

I was wide awake at 5am every single day.
Yay for coffee makers in the room.

Since I didn't have any of my coconut milk coffee creamer I came prepared:
Lactaid was my best friend.

 I couldn't decide on a beverage to go with my breakfast, ha ha.
It's funny how people look at you when you dine alone.
I got a lot of pitiful looks/stares because I was eating alone.

My mornings were spent walking around

 Oh how I love the ocean!

 My afternoons were spent just like this...
Catching some rays and staying hydrated.

People watching and music kept me entertained.

This storm chased me off the beach but not before I snapped this pic.
How beautiful is this rainbow?!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons were spent just like this.

I didn't feel the need to spend my days rushing around trying to do and see everything.

This is exactly how I wanted to spend MY time.

It was heaven and just what I needed.


  1. non running/racing fun is always appreciated. a good balance

  2. Wow so jealous! Looks beautiful! Glad you were able to relax and have fun. Sometimes we need time to just chill, and often we do not leave enough time for that! Look forward to hearing about your race :)

  3. Looks beautiful! Yeah I know what you mean about the looks you get when dining alone and I usually avoid it if at all possible. Seeing the pictures of the beach sure looks a lot better than the cold weather we have here.

  4. Love that you enjoyed your time down here!

  5. It's great to hear you are enjoying your time to yourself. As mom's I don't think we do it often enough. Next time someone gives you a funny look because you're dinning alone lean over and whisper something scandalous!

  6. Lucky you on the rainbow - We had a perfect rainbow in Austin the other day and by the time I got my camera it was gone!

  7. Ahhh so jealous of the beach. It started snowing this morning and I am already ready to go somewhere warm!

  8. Im so glad you got your trip away, I'm sure it was just what you needed!!!