Sunday, August 17, 2014

Bikram Yoga

This past week I went to yoga twice.
Bikram yoga to be exact.
That sums it up.

It seems as though a few bikram studios have popped up in my town.
It's about damn time.

Monday night's class completely kicked my booty.
I am used to a hot yoga vinyasa class.

Bikram is much different.
105 degree room with 50-60% humidity.

26 poses done twice.

It's roughly 60 minutes of standing postures
30 minutes of seated postures.
Gallons of sweat.

My body thanked me though.

Friday night's class went a bit smoother.
Mostly because I drank a green smoothie about 45-60 minutes prior.
I didn't eat or drink anything before Monday's class. 
Not a smart move.
 Before and After

I went to the gas station afterwards to get a bottle of water.
I definitely received some side-eye.
I guess people aren't used to seeing a girl dripping in sweat at 9:45 a night, ha ha.

Let me tell you it felt damn good to be back in the studio practicing.
Leave the stress on the mat.

Do you practice bikram?
Ever been to a class?

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Reevaluating My Life

So after my Debbie Downer post the other day, I've had some time to think.

I loved all the comments from that particular post and I thank you all.

Today I deferred Chicago.
It was the right choice and one I am at peace with.

When my world got flipped upside down I figured I could handle it all.

C'mon now, I'm a MOM, of course I can handle it all.

Work full-time, train like I am still a stay-at-home Mom and take care of my babies
Easy peasy.

Ha ha.

What the hell was I thinking!?

Well for one..
I am stubborn as hell. If you know me, this is no surprise.
I wanted to prove (to who, I have no idea, maybe myself?!) that I could do it all.
I am not a quitter and I hate admitting defeat.

I still plan on running to keep a consistent base.
I am getting back into weightlifting so I can be an even stronger runner.
I am also getting back into yoga.
I found a studio near my house that has classes at 8 pm.
This is perfect for me since I usually don't get home until 7 pm.

I'm hoping the little rain cloud that has been following me will soon lift.

I am due for a little good juju.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Update and Confessions

Hello hello
I am still alive just not very active on social media.

This had to be the absolute worst week in a very long time.
I think I cried 3 out of 5 days.
Not good.

A few confessions....

Some days I feel like deleting my blog.
I enjoy it but some days it's like what's the point.
Lately I've been blogging once a week. 
It is nice to have a place to put my sometimes scrambled thoughts.

Lately, I've regretted my decision to sign up for the Chicago marathon.
There I said it.

My hip is sometimes cranky. 
The arch in my right foot is cranky.
Working full-time.
Going through a divorce.
Attempting to have a social life.
Lack of sleep.
A recent fall down the stairs = a recipe for a disaster.

It's all very exhausting.
I know to some this looks like a list of excuses. 
I have until September 8th to decide if I will defer. 

I miss yoga and lifting. 

I have a bunch of good things going on but can't really speak about them.
Maybe one day.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Training for Chicago - Week 7

This was a treadmill kind of week.
I'm not really sure why but I decided to use the 'mill for all of my runs.

Monday - 4 mile run

Tuesday - 5 mile run (speed work) 

Wednesday - Rest day

Thursday - 7 mile tempo run
1 mile warm up/cool down.
It's definitely easier to do a tempo run on the treadmill. 

 Friday - 4 mile run
I was one of those people fell on a moving treadmill.
It happened around mile 3 and of course I continued because I needed to do 4 miles.
Grace is definitely not something I have a lot of, ha ha.

Saturday & Sunday - Rest days.

3 rest days this week.
Not great when you are marathon training but I was super sore on Saturday from my fall.
Sunday I just didn't feel like running.
It's a combination of burnout and just being tired.
I don't sleep well or much at all these days.
I sleep great maybe once a week, hopefully that will improve.
I am looking forward to a fresh new week of training.

How was your week(end)?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Training for Chicago - Week 6

Sorry for posting this late.
Life has happened again.

It was a hectic week.

Monday - 4 mile run

Tuesday - 6 mile run 
It's been a long time since I've done any speed work. 
It was definitely love/hate

Wednesday - Rest day

Thursday - 45 mins bike
I have a bit of a nagging pain in the arch of my right foot.
I am thinking it might be the start of PF
I decided against running and did the bike

Friday - 3 mile run
I headed to New York to visit family.
I dragged my brother out for a run shortly after I arrived.
He's a good sport.
We talked and a few tears were shed (from me, of course).
It was therapeutic.

Saturday - 6 mile run
I knew I was going to be indulging later that day so I wanted to get a decent run in.
The first few miles were hard but I felt great afterwards.

Sunday - Rest day
I skipped my scheduled run because I was driving home and a bit hungover.
The weekend was great and I definitely needed the break from reality.

How's your training going?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


My quarter-mile track
An amazing view if I do say so myself.

Today was my first round of speed work in a long time. 
Maybe close to a year.

My training called for 12x400 with 400 recovery.
A 1 mile warm up/cool down was included.

I was only able to do 8x400 as I ran out of time.
It's better than nothing though.

Nothing like a hard session of speed work to make you feel grossly out of shape.
In the end I completed 6 miles total.
I'm proud of myself as it was already 80 degrees with 84% humidity and I was soaked by the end.

I am hoping it'll get a bit easier the more I do it.

Speed it or hate it?

Monday, July 14, 2014

Training for Chicago - Week 5

Week 5 is done.
Running-wise it didn't go as planned but that sometimes happens.
I am working on being flexible and not stressing too much if I miss a run.

Monday - rest day

Tuesday - 5 mile run
I HAD to test out my new Lulu gear.
Love it.

Wednesday - rest day

 Thursday - 4 mile run
New running shoes is almost a guaranteed awesome run.
They're a bit heavier but I think they'll be great for long runs

 Friday - 5 mile run

Saturday - rest day

 Sunday - 5 mile run
This is the run that almost didn't happen.
I woke up late and I was an hour from home.
I decided to skip my 11 mile run with the girls.
Let's blame it on lack of sleep and maybe too much delicious wine.
Around 10am my friend Christine texted me and asked if I wanted to do 5 miles.
It was hell but we did it. 
I rewarded myself with a bowl of watermelon and pool time.

I had 3 rest days this week.
Not ideal but it happens.
Saturday was so busy that I couldn't fit it in.

I am looking forward to stepping up my training a bit this next week.

How was your week?
Anything exciting happen?
Did you race?